Vol 6, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Historical consciousness: From nationalist entanglements to the affective embodiment of a concept PDF
Nichole E Grant, Pamela Rogers 1-14
Inquiring the political dimension of history classroom practices: suggestions for epistemological criteria and analytical concepts PDF
Andreas Mårdh 15-28
Extending historical consciousness: Past futures and future pasts PDF
Andreas Körber 29-39
The language of power: Science, statecraft, and words PDF
Michael Kimaid 40-53
Why study history? An examination of undergraduate students’ notions and perceptions about history PDF
Christopher W. Berg 54-71
What do we know about the pedagogical content knowledge of history teachers: A review of empirical research PDF
Hanneke Tuithof, Albert Logtenberg, Larike Bronckhorst, Jannet Van Drie, Leen Dorsman, Jan Van Tartwijk 72-95
The bearing of historical consciousness PDF
Ann Chinnery 96-109
The subjectivity of archives: Learning from, with, and resisting archives and archival sources in teaching and learning history PDF
Samantha Cutrara 117-132


Presentism, alterity and historical thinking PDF
Andreas Körber 110-116