Vol 7, No 2 (2020)

Special Issue: The politics of "doing" history education

Table of Contents

Special Issue

Introduction - The politics of doing history education: Memory practices in contemporary classrooms PDF
Maren Tribukait, Felicitas Macgilchrist 1-9
'Learn from Lei Feng!': Education, social context, and the generational memories of a Chinese Communist hero PDF
Katherine Bischoping, Zhipeng Gao 10-25
Language resources to negotiate official and alternative memories of human rights violations in Chile: A study on classroom interactions PDF
Teresa Oteíza 26-49
Blurring the Lines between History Education and Activism: How 100 Voices Remembers the Armenian Genocide PDF
Duygu Gül-Kaya 50-61
Guarding against the 'loss of national memory': The communist past as a controversial issue in Czech history education PDF
Jaroslav Najbert 62-77
A computer simulation in the context of history teaching in Czech schools: Using the 'Czechoslovakia 38-39' educational simulation PDF
Jaroslav Pinkas, Tereza Hannemann 78-91

Dissertation Abstracts

Making the past present: The politics of material-semiotic practices in the history classroom PDF
Johanna Ahlrichs 92-96
The enacting of belonging and difference: An ethnographic discourse analysis PDF
Patrick Mielke 97-102