Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

Special Issue: Historical and Moral Consciousness

Table of Contents

Special Issue

Bridging historical consciousness and moral consciousness: Promises and challenges PDF
Niklas Ammert, Silvia Edling, Jan Löfström, Heather Sharp 1-13
Moral and historical consciousness PDF
Guðmundur Heiðar Frímannsson 14-22
Patterns of reasoning: A tentative model to analyse historical and moral consciousness among 9th grade students PDF
Niklas Ammert 23-35
Historical and moral consciousness in the light of ethics of dissensus: One approach to handle plurality in education PDF
Silvia Edling 36-51
Making democrats while developing their historical consciousness: A complex task. PDF
Fredrik Alvén 52-67
Analysing adolescents’ reasoning about historical responsibility in dialogue between history education and social psychology PDF
Jan Löfström, Liisa Myyry 68-80
Historical consciousness and the moral dimension PDF
Andreas Körber 81-89