Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


The Olympics, footy and Aboriginal sporting heroes: Enfranchising national narratives PDF
Claus Haas 1-15
Historical thinking, causal explanation and narrative discourse in trainee teachers in Spain PDF
Jorge Sáiz Serrano, Cosme J Goméz Carrasco, Ramón López Facal 16-30
Identity and instrumentality: History in the Scottish school curriculum, 1992-2017 PDF
Joseph Peter Smith 31-45
Exploring pedagogical approaches for connecting the past, the present and the future in history teaching PDF
Dick van Straaten, Arie Wilschut, Ron Oostdam 46-67
Knowing one big thing: Jewish students, Holocaust testimonies and historical consciousness PDF
Sally Cove 68-75
Student understanding of causation in History in relation to specific subject matter – causes behind the scramble for Africa PDF
Anders Nersäter 76-89
An Arctic encounter with Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth as pedagogy for historical consciousness and decolonizing PDF
Heather Elizabeth McGregor 90-101